Spiritual Connection and Intense Intimacy

Love is a Spiritual energy. Passion may arouse and increase ardor, fleshly pursuits may be momentarily pleasurable but the deep love energy flowing between two people deeply involved, flows in unspoken words, a stirring in the heart untouched, the sense inflame just with a sensory thought of one’s loved one. The warmth pouring from the eyes of a loving glance thrown by one to another, two souls in perfect synchronicity and spiritually connected, aligned.

Without spiritual bonding there is no deep sensitivity, empathy or understanding. The two gush platitudes but remain thirsted and needful of substantiation. Love of mere mortals is a respite to rid suppressed energy. Spiritual love is far more powerful and potent. An intense intimacy that doesn’t  require any effort or invention on ones part, for it inspires, warms, regenerates, strengthens, radiates light from within, and fans an eternal flames of love within ones heart.

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