Spiritual Paths


“Only he that has traveled the path knows where the holes are deep.”


How does one seek a spiritual path  to travel down? It is very simple. They go to one who has traveled a path. They ask this person for directions. “Why?” you ask. “Why not seek for themselves?” Many do, but in doing so they fall into the holes along the way that they do not know exist, and have to pick themselves back up and go on. Along the way they learn how to avoid these holes, and when they encounter another traveler, they are happy to share what they have learned.


It is this act of sharing that is so important. It is a spiritual connection to another, even in passing, these connections build on themselves, until there is a great web of spiritual energy that we are caught up in. We feel connected not just to each other but to the world around us as well. To all forms of life and to everything in nature. From a babbling brook, to a mossy stone. To trees and flowers, to a stranger we may pass by.


We feel peace, contentment, love and joy. We then begin to understand our own existence, and why we are compelled to travel these paths.

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