Views on Spirituality

Q: Can you explain your views on Spirituality?

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A: Spirituality is beyond what can be rationalized or calculated, beyond our finger tips and empirical evidence. It consists of one’s inner being, the domain of conviction, faith, belief, and the unknown. Yet for all the mystery that surrounds it, spirituality is vital to our well-being. It is the cornerstone of our trust and hope, the seat of our most closely held principles. We experience a sense of awe, a sense of amalgamation with all other forms of life, and respect for the Divine. Spirituality brings both purpose and meaning to our lives. As we allow it to develop, we nurture love and thoughtfulness. Spirituality calls a human being to an existence of faith and examination of one’s self. We find ourselves motivated to moments of impulsive devotion and prayers of appreciation.


We’re linked through our spirituality. This link is both, a sense of connection to something we can’t explain, as well as an association to all people and the Earth. Spirituality takes us past our ego-centered existence by intensifying our emotions with empathy for all.


It is important to distinguish between religion and spirituality. Many people have rejected religion in order to escape, what they consider to be, oppressive rules and regulations. However, many may lose the gifts of joy and benevolence that spirituality brings, in the process.  Spirituality and Religion are related and interwove, but are not the same. A person may experience spirituality without being a member of a religious affiliation, and even the most “religious” person may feel spiritually deprived.


The purpose of religion is to heighten spirituality through ritual and practice. This is accomplished when a person approaches religion as a way to enter the unknown, to become aware of the inviolability of all life. Religion can also become an obstacle to spirituality when it holds to narrow, hypercritical dogma, and estranges its followers from a sense of association with the Divine. Religion serves us best as a vehicle to nurture and grow our spirituality. It is possible, however, to get too caught up in the vehicle, the religious practice, while losing sight of the purpose, spirituality, which is unity with and compassion for all.

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Our obsession with the business of life is merely an attempt to avoid thinking about our mortality, the inevitable fact of death. However, when we keep ourselves too busy to contemplate the purpose of our existence, our lives cease to have importance. Strangely, it is only when we accept the truth of our mortality that we truly begin to live. This is the point at which we begin to enter into and learn about the spiritual dimension of our humanity.

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Our spirituality is our true essence. It is a part of our life which communicates with our soul, which from a spiritual perspective is connected to the Divine and is infinite. This lifetime is but the physical experience of our deeper reality, our spirit, which is our fundamental nature.


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