I’m Confused About My Spiritual Beliefs.

Q:  I’m a teenage girl. I have been a Christian for much of my life, but recently I’ve felt like I’m not meant to be a Christian.

Here are a few things I want to say:

– I appreciate diversity in religion as well as many other things. I think people should be accepted for who they are, regardless of what they believe.

– I believe that all people have worth and all people need a voice.

– I’m not sure about my beliefs about death, but I know I don’t believe in Hell.

– I believe that God is everywhere — I think God is the spirit of life that is in us and all around us. I don’t think of God as a deity that can alter the workings of the natural world.

– I believe strongly in being kind to other people as well as the Earth.

– I think of Jesus as a teacher who showed people how to live a life of love and compassion, and I admire the power of his love and the way he lived. Not too much more than that.

– I think people should never stop exploring their beliefs and values.

Thank you for any advice you might have.

A: Every person is free to explore their Spirituality as they see fit. This just happens to agree with the Bible. As in Genesis God created man, and he gave man the power of Free Will. Man could choose for himself the path he would take.
In many eastern traditions the concept of freewill is paramount. Buddhists believe that the choices we make not only affect our lives and Karma, but those around us as well. This is true, when you consider the interactions you have with others.
What a person believes, or has faith in will determine their path in life. Faith is necessary for spiritually. It is belief in something you can’t explain. Some will say that if it can’t be proved logically it can’t exist. However humans are not the logical creatures we think we are.
The Human mind has a logical and illogical side. The illogical is imagination, faith, belief, hope, emotion. None of which are logical. The logical side is the reasoning side, where we interact and classify what we see and touch. Where we solve problems and use our experience to keep from making the same mistakes. This logical side, however, can’t explain the other side.
Think of it this way:
Pick up a book and read one page from the middle. You will understand what the page says, but will you understand its place in the book or the whole book? Probably not. If you read the whole book you will understand the pages place in the book, and the book as a whole.
The book is like our minds. Logic alone can’t explain the whole mind because part of the mind is illogical, however the mind can understand logic.
When you explore your spiritually you will come across things that you can’t explain. That’s what spirituality is all about. Something more than what you can see and touch. Take that leap of faith, it might not be logical, but logic can’t explain faith because it’s not logical.
Search inside yourself and discover what it is that you truly believe. Hold true to your convictions. Let those who believe different do so, there’s nothing wrong with believing differently, because a belief is something very personal. Something you carry in your heart.
In the end you alone know what it is you believe. So as Shakespeare wrote: “This above all, to thy own self be true.”

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